Social and Promotional Events


  • A Strong Social Side

Archaeology has to have a serious underlying work ethic but that does not prevent it from being both fun and having a strong social content during the digs and lunch breaks.

NWAG members like an occasional change away from the knee pads, trowels and soapy water and voluntarily organize informal social events ranging from a quick pint after a dig to a pub lunch after a General Meeting or a pleasant evening at a member’s home. In virtually all cases it is difficult to avoid the conversation sliding into an archaeological theme !  These occasions are ideal to invite new or potential members to meet the crew and find out what they are letting themselves in for!


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  • Promotional Events

NWAG take every opportunity to ‘spread the word’ with themed presentations in the form of exhibitions, at local fetes, community halls and Worcester’s Hive  where Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service have their facilities. NWAG also give themed talks and PowerPoint presentations to Heritage and History Groups.


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