Health & Safety & Administration


  • Health & Safety & ‘Housekeeping’

All members  help to maintain ‘good house keeping’ of the site and observe NWAG’s personal safety guidance during digs.  Turf and spoil heaps must be preserved for replacement at the end of a dig. Open pits and trenches need protecting from inclement weather and marked clearly with warning notices and suitable fencing during the dig period.  

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  • Governance & Administration

NWAG is  a comparatively small non commercial group of enthusiasts. Our members determine the way  the Group is run by majority vote at General and  Annual General Meetings. They appoint a Managing Committee from the members who carry out the day- to- day administration in line with  NWAG’s Constitution, Codes of Practice and Terms of Reference, a copy of which is issued to all members. (photo of our constitution and other of our docs fanned together)


  • Operational Standards

NWAG operates in accordance with the Council for British Archaeology standards, and works closely with Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service; (see Links  for a full list of related organizations)


  • Funding

NWAG relies upon the modest income from membership subscriptions and its own fund raising events, in which members are encouraged to take part.  By choice, we are not a formally registered organization which helps to minimize our running costs. Application for specific project funding is made to appropriate sources for large costly projects. (photo of NWAG collection box and coins).

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