Wednesday was a glorious day, a real Indian Summer! There were six members on site making the most of the lovely day and with plenty to do.

Testpit 5 was started, as requested by Terry. Sam and Keith initially worked on this together, with Sam later carefully trowelling it.

The eastern section of T25 was drawn by Margaret, which then meant that Ian, Keith and Tina could metal detect and thoroughly examine and sieve the contents of the remaining high wall to the west of it. 

Julie finished the job of weighing the broken roof tiles with Margaret, which also effectively cleared the Walkway trench area for further drawing. 

Belated  Christmas Greetings anda Very Happy New Year

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North Worcestershire Archaeology Group Christmas Party 2019 at The Lenchford Inn, Shrawley



A dry day was spent on site, although the round was damp from recent rain. More soil was removed and sieved from the spoil heap in the loading bay yielding bone, metal objects, plaster, pottery and more gun cartridges.

Sam continued on with Test pit 5, down through compacted sandy soil to discover a nice piece of slipware covering a hole in the North West corner. He continued down with a sondage and found it filled with loose bricks.

Margaret completed drawing the plan view of the trench on the Walkway with its drainage channel beneath the edge of a row of mortared roof tiles.

The season is nowdrawing to a close and there cannot be many more weeks left working here. It has been a very enjoyable site to work on and we are always deeply indebted to Tony Symonds, the land owner, for allowing us to continue excavating it over the years. 

finds from the park

Some of the finds, note the mass of pipe bowls and stems

A few words from Roger - 
The project was featured in the local newspaper on two different days and I was interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester at the start and at the end of the dig. Many of the locals mentioned hearing the interviews and social media was also used to raise awareness.
The excavation was slightly disappointing in that we did not locate the kiln until the latter part of the week, but we now have firm knowledge of the location and depth. The City Archaeologist accepted it as a “proof of concept” and I will be putting together an extended scale, extended time excavation proposal for next year."

roger and shene

Roger with Sheena from WAAS

more clay pipes

More clay pipes

Mr Higgins field

Field-walking on Mr Higgins land on Wednesday.