Northwag News 26th July 2017

Published July 27, 2017 · Updated July 27, 2017



Another busy day was spent indoors with the group cleaning and weighing finds mostly from recent excavations which had been kept safely in storage. It was a proper little "production line" with the five ladies shown here, including the return to the fold of a former member Tina, all washing and cleaning pottery and glass as well as brushing off the mud and dirt from metal and bone (items seldom washed) seen in the photo below.  

in water


on the floor 

A bigger group than usual came today (around eleven) which was great and provided a chance to catch up on news. Some folk who had been unable to come for a while told us they knew what we were doing because they had been following us on this website, which was good to hear.  


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Once the finds are clean and dry they are weighed and counted (above by Keith and Ian) and handwritten into a form or table. Francesca, also seen here, next puts that information onto a data base. At the weighing and counting stage it is sometimes the first opportunity to thoroughly examine the finds and to determine their age, make, type, etc. Francesca likes to gather as much detail as possible on every item, so it's important for the forms to be as accurate and descriptive as possible as it will eventually go into a report. Since we are a mainly amateur group, days like this are also a good opportunity for members to learn more about what they've been handling on site and sometimes become sufficiently inspired as to go away and do their own research.



Lunch time and, while everyone tucks into Terry's yummy homemade soup, there is a chance to discuss the group's projects for the forthcoming year. Another topic was that, having found an alternative storage place for our finds, we must try to arrange for a working party to go and prepare the venue first. 



Northwag News 2nd August 2017

  • · Published August 2, 2017 · Updated August 4, 2017

In spite of a wet day being forecast 7 members turned up at Furnace Farm today.  The main task is to plot and remove the fence spikes that have caused many punctures before.  This is not only to protect us but also a service in return for the support of our farmer who allows us to be there. 

Northwag  News for 1st July 2018.

Due to the continuing high temperatures of this hot summer we did not to go to the Winnal  MIll site this week. Instead we took a look at the Abberley site with the aim of doing some measuring. After spending nearly an hour cutting our way through the undergrowth we got very hot and gave up, with the plan to returned later when the weeds have died back.