Continuing on at Winnall, the group shovelled and wheel-barrowed the top layer of rubble and soil from the Machine Room Floor, which is getting less easy to access. After the soil was set on one side it was checked over for finds, of which there were quite a few.

Despite the overnight rain and the rapid advance of autumn, the site was still accessible for the team continue their work. Most of the Machine room floor had been exposed and now required cleaning up ready to be drawn. The remains of the outer walls or shell of the Mill House had been drawn in the past, but not the recently excavated brick floor, which appears to have been damaged during the collapse of the building or by a heavy piece of machinery falling on it.

The team were back at the Winnall Mill site again on this lovely autumn day. It still being the holiday season, there were a few members missing, but those who came continued with the previously excavated areas. Sam, now back from his holidays, trowelled the remaining soil in the Machine Room, proving conclusively that the collapsed brick floor did not continue right back to meet the edge of the machinery pit, currently filled with water.

There were only four members on site today, due to late holidays or people being unwell, etc. It was dry and cloudy, brightening later, and recent rain had dampened the ground. An excavation of the rear floor (South) of the Mill House behind the machinery pit by Jennie, Tina and Keith revealed a bricked area laid directly on top of stone. A small storage area?

marg win mach 4

Southern end of Machine Room floor 

Further along the same back stone wall beneath fallen devris another strange feature was found - a hole in the worked stone partly filled with a yellow brick. Is this an improvised drain?


marg win mach 5

A view of the Machine Room floor (East wall)

Once Margaret had drawn the brick floor area, Keith, after removing a few bricks as directed, explored an area beside the east wall that simply looked like a deep water-filled hole. This exposed yet another layer of brick flooring beneath the floor! Another surprising discovery was more of the rusted metal sheeting found in an earlier part of the dig while excavating the westerly side of the floor.

It can be safely assumed that this metal sheeting runs all the way beneath this part of the floor and that it confirms it was added as protection from the problem of intermittent rising water levels.