Two years ago (ie pre Covid!) NWAG , along with several other groups, was invited by Nina O'Hare of WAAS to take part in the "Small Pits Big Ideas" project, funded by the National Lottery. This involved 20 testpits across the area of Wichenford being excavated over a weekend by volunteers of all ages from the local community.

On Wed 20th April teams of NWAG members went round deturfing the allocated Test Pits, mostly in residents gardens. Then between Sat 23rd and Sun 24th April  along with other volunteers they helped to excavate them. Some folk remained at the Cobb house (the Base) to sort and clean the finds as they arrived.

Thankfully the weather was a lovely, with lots of sunshine and temperatures rising to 18 degrees, and at the start and finish each day Nina from WAAS briefed everyone and her other professional colleagues shared instructions about what needed to be done and information about what was found. 

Due to the large number of finds that need cleaning this will still continue on for a few weeks, Volunteers, including NWAG members, will be  involved in this process before the finds then go off to the Hive in Worcester for recording and examining

We look forward to learning the results of this interesting exercise and the others that follow which, to quote the organisers, "will enable six rural communities across Worcestershire to explore the origins of their settlements and contribute to academic research through the archaeology hidden in back gardens."

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