Winter to Spring

The group made several attempts to return to Hillgrove between February and April to complete test pits T11, T17, T03 & T04, but the weather was often too changeable. Thankfully when it rained we were able retreat to the nearby workshops and do some washing and recording of finds instead.

Nevertheless T11, sited on the cottage lawn area, was excavated deeper and a large number of finds were retrieved including pottery, glass, metal, bone and CBM. The best artefact from here was a 17th century clay pipe bowl found at 50cm down.

Given all these finds T17, also sited on the cottage lawn, was then extended southwards in a long trench of 1m x 2m.  It yielded 4 trays of finds just from context 03!

T03, the brick floor on the western side of the cottage first uncovered late last year, was also extended revealing on the edge of the mish-mash of bricks what appeared to be a small millstone with a square hole. After closer examination it was found to be made of concrete, although its original function still remains a mystery.

Alsolocated west of the cottage was T04, which Terry took down 80cm to the natural sandstone.  At that point it was level with the nearby sunken road, its odd shape seemingly formed by years of rain-water pouring down the hill towards the site.


Paul, who owns the site, was happy for the team to examine other areas, so a few other testpits are now planned for the future.


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