Hillgrove 5th & 12th October

It is growing more autumnal now with recent heavy rain having dampened the ground. There are 3 test pits open - TP17 near the house, TP11 more central to the lawn and T03 on the east side of the house.

TP17 was opened the previous week, with several members taking turns to work on it until Tina reached 40cm, where she found a strange swirl of lighter sand. It was not dissimilar a possible former post or stake hole that Terry had found in TP18, beside the concrete path. As it was taken down a further 10 cm the swirl began to disappear, although it was still noted on the record sheets. There was a fair amount of 19th Cent. domestic finds in here too, along with several old chunky nails. Also, according to Paul the owner, this trench was quite close to a former field boundary seen on an old map.

TP11 opened earlier by Sam was continued on down to 30cm, again finding more domestic bits and a possible flint yet to be confirmed by WAAS.

TP3 was excavated by Terry, Ian and Roger to investigate a poorly made brick path, which was thought to be the floor of an outbuilding or pigsty. Margaret drew the exposed area, and if time allows it might be extended even further.

Last week Terry decided to examine the Culvert area (TP10) at the lowest corner of the field near the stream. After he had strimmed away the undergrowth, Ian and Roger did their first dig, but it was all rather muddy. If time allows and the weather stays fine it might be extended further.

Francesca has been busily cleaning and bagging up the finds from each Test Pit on site ready for a weighing and recording session elsewhere during the winter. The cleaned small finds, which may help with dating, are kept separate to be examined by experts later.

Meanwhile Roger, using all our written records, has begun to plot a complicated chart of all the Test Pits, listing what was found in all the different contexts and locations in an attempt to finally analyse and summarise the site after the dig is completed. It is very exciting to see this overall picture gradually emerging.


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