Weeks 15/09/21 & 22/9/21 

Various members of the team have been taking a well deserved break during the past month, but those who came have  enjoyed the challenge of these testpits and appreciated Paul's enthusiasm for the work.

T12, located near the outbuildings and on the east perimeter, which has been tackled by various members over the weeks, was excavated down to its final context 05 (40cm). With nothing more exceptional than a few domestic finds coming out it was decided to close it this week. Margaret drew the 4 sections and recorded the plan, and after the final photos were taken, Rogerback-filled it.

T18, the oblong trench on the west side of the footpath to T16, has been excavated mainly by Sam, and Terry to see if it could cast any further light on that same area. The only interesting feature appeared to be an area of dark soil in among the usual sandy reddish soil. About the size of a posthole, according to Paul it may have been the location of a support for a porch way to the house.  

 Another Test pit worked on by various members was T17, taken down to 30cm by Roger one week and then to 40cm by Tina this week. She was still discovering finds, especially while metal detecting. Towards the end of the day she encountered a strange circle of light sandy soil amongst the hard reddish soil. So it was photographed and will be further investigated next week.

A new trench on the lawn was opened on the 22nd Sept. T11 was deliberately located in parallel and east of T17 and also in line with the “boys” trench, which the owner and his son were excavating long before we arrived. It is also not far from a known field boundary. Sam de-turfed it and dug the first 10cm.

T13 Roger returned to his trench down among the trees and near the stream to continue exploring what appears to be a deposit of mixed material and CBM, possibly originating from the house area. He encountered some very light weight slag and some lumps of wet clay. So it will be interesting to see how that trench progresses.

Paul had been busy too. While metal detecting near the chicken run he discovered yet another flint!


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