Today’s report includes Weds 25th Aug,  1st & 8th September


T08 This rather complicated Testpit, with its areas of burning and remains of planks, had been finally drawn, photographed and recorded in great detail by Roger himself. Paul then agreed for it to remain open until he brings in a machine digger and possibly extend it.

Near the workshop T12 was being levelled off at (005) 40cm by Julie and Keith. A sheltered spot on the sunny days, but the ground was very hard and dry.

Roger cleaned up and drew a section of the “Boy’s trench”.  Then he was allocated to T13, a large deposit of soil and CBM that Paul had dredged out of the stream earlier in the year. This could prove a challenge with it large lumps of concrete!

T16 near the house was recorded & backfilled by Terry & Francesca on 1st Sept. Then the area was seeded with grass as it was part of a lawn and covered with fine soil sifted by Ian’s wonderful machine.

The newly opened T17 near the conservatory was started on 25th August by Paul’s boys and friend Alex. It was continued on down to context 002 on 1st by Tina and Margaret the following week, producing bits of domestic pot and glass and a large nail.

T18 Trench 0.5 X 1.5m by the house path, recently opened by Sam and TC, produced some nice slipware while it was taken down to 20cm (003).

Margaret and Francesca respectively took photos, kept records and washed finds on each occasion.

And still the flints keep appearing……..!

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