There are 4 Test pits open, some are taking longer than others to excavate because they are revealing more interesting features.

T12, the newer Test pit nearest the outbuildings, had already been started and was taken down to 30cm last week with all the soil being sieved. The finds in here are small and mainly of a domestic nature. The loose soil is becoming solid and harder to work, with a spread of charcoal inclusion.

Terry and Ian continued with T16, located nearer the house. This long trench that had contained lots of rubble is, at its deepest point, now over 1 metre down. For ease of access it has been formed into stepped sondages, and this week Terry focussed on the one to the South at only 40cm.

Roger, in his quest to establish the depth of the strange patch of burning, has taken T08 down to over a metre. A plank of wood was discovered last week sticking out of the west side of the trench. This week he carefully worked all round it to remove more layers of the surrounding charcoal, which began to peter out although the pale sandy demarcation line still remains. At this stage it is hard to determine the reason for this strange anomaly.

Tina made a neat job of getting T09, at the bottom of the field, down to context 004. There are few artefacts coming out of it now and not much in the way of features. She also helped with sieving and metal detecting.

Meanwhile Francesca safely bagged up the flints found in recent times along with their descriptions from Rob Hedge. These will be listed as small finds.

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