The working conditions here at Hillgrove were damp underfoot today after quite a bit of rain fell earlier in the week, but it remained sunny and dry throughout the day for us to excavate.

T09, at the far end of the orchard was worked on by Tina and Julie trying to get the soil down to 40cm. Terry continued on with T16 (at 80cm) where most of its rubble has now gone. In the sondage that he created last week in the southern half he found the soil is getting harder, almost reaching sandstone quality. There are a few finds still coming out, mainly through sieving, which is to be expected being located so near the house. Ian is still trying to perfect his automatic sieving system!

T12 is a new Test pit, opened up today just north of the workshops and under some damson trees, which made it a nice shady spot out of the hot sun for Keith and Sam to work. Tina had already metal detected this area and found bits of metal. A sprinkling of finds were recovered by the end of the day, with the base of a Black glazed pot standing out among the usual mix of Victorian pottery.

Many thanks to Andy, Keith’s friend for bringing his Drone. So now we have both stills and a movie of the site, which is amazing!

Meanwhile Francesca did more research at the Hive and also got us a WSM number. Last week she had returned Paul’s property deeds and papers, which she examined and noted down anything of historical interest or relevance for our use.

She was with Rob Hedge when he examined all the flints recently found on our site. There were 5 of note, some flakes, apparently covering periods prehistoric 10,000 BC onwards & c 1500 BC, Mesolithic/early Neolithic (10,000 – 3,000 BC) Mesolithic to Bronze age 10,000 – 700 BC.


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