Another very hot day, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees, was spent at Hillgrove by just five members of the team this week. Others were on holiday or had other commitments.

Terry and Ian worked on trench T16 near the house going down to 30cm. While removing more of the rubble in the northern end, which consisted of concrete and bricks they came across 2 half bricks from the Tudor era. Also sieving the soil yielded yet another flint along with some pottery and coal.

Meanwhile Roger and Sam worked in T08 with its raised feature of a concentrated blockofcharcoal burning approx.10cm thick, which Roger had worked around last week. Today they levelled it off down to context 007 and in the lump found many chunks of charcoal, which will be weighed and recorded as well as nails and a small piece of Black Glazed pot, common to Worcestershire. Despite levelling it off the colouration at the bottom shows that the burnt area goes even deeper, so it seems they might want to take it down further next week.

All of this was recorded by each team on their test-pitting sheets as well as recorded on day sheets and photographically by Margaret.

Paul the owner is so keen that he often joins us to watch the progress as well as uses a trowel himself. His contribution to the site’s history is also very helpful in forming a picture of its past, while Francesca continues to investigate it further the archives.

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