Another sunny dry session out in this old orchard where the temperature soared to 24 degrees. A few people were away on holiday today, so weather was perfect for them.

Test pit 6, which several people have worked on including Murray, had its sections drawn today and once all the records and photos were completed, it was back-filled. This left two to be continued on.

T09 down at the lower part of the field, near the brook, where Keith and Julie took it down to context 004, more finds came to light including (bizarrely!) a screwed up ball of silver foil.

Roger continued with T08, which has a large area of burning in 006 that seems to go right down into the next context. There is a nice profile showing on the eastern section which he plans to draw next time he’s back on site.

A new test pit was opened down on the house lawn T16 (pristinely cut by Sam and Terry!) At the owner’s request it was extended to a longer trench because Paul was curious to know if it would reveal the foundations of an old porch. Just beneath the turf some plastic sheeting was found to be covering rubble, much of which looked like concrete. This will be removed next week to see if there is anything more interesting going on underneath it. Several pipe stems were also found in here, and there were two unstratified pieces of flint found near the house that we will get our experts to examine sometime in the future.

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