This proved to be a very changeable day with sunshine and showers.

Test Pit 9 was opened today by Ian and Keith. This trench lies at the far north east of the site, adjacent to the boundary and the sunken road. Due to the recent rain the ground was still quite wet here. They took it down to context 003 or 20cm, where the layer of stones common to the site soon appeared.  Among the finds were some bottle glass, pottery and a small metal casement latch. At the end of the day they backfilled T14 which was now completed and fully recorded.

In Test Pit 8 Roger took it further down to context 004 where he soon came upon a large noticeable area of charcoal amongst the reddish sandy clay. Some Pottery and glass was also found.

Sam continued with Test Pit 6, which several members have worked on in the past. This had been taken to context 005 (40cm) by Julie last week, so Sam removed another layer of dark sandy clay from the southern half of the pit going down to 50cm, with little more of interest found. It will probably be backfilled next week.

Francesca cleaned and sort finds and Margaret took photos and kept a record of all activities, while Terry took a walk down along the stream. Meanwhile Tina did her usual metal detecting in and around the test pits and helped with some sieving.

Needless to say that the forecast rain eventually stopped play.

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