A mixture of sunshine and cloud today, so cooler. The ground was still damp from overnight rain, which Julie found in T06 made for a sticky surface in the clayish soil to work with in context 003.

Ian in T15 had reached context 004 and, as the test pit yielded few finds, the decision was made to do a sondage of one third. Towards the end of the day Terry brought an auger across and took it down even deeper in one corner of the third.

One of Paul’s boys had earmarked a sloping area near a buttercups patch as a place of interest, so Roger worked there in T08, discovering a few finds including a piece of clay tobacco pipe. Ironic in view of his work at Cripplegate the other year! Roger left early, so Paul decided to join in here and scrape off a few more layers. A budding archaeologist in the making!

After Margaret had recorded some pit locations and drawn the sections of T07, Keith kindly filled the latter in. Meanwhile Tina did some sieving and metal detecting of each open test pit and spoil heap, while Francesca sorted and cleaned some more finds down by the building, where we’ve been allowed to store our tools and finds temporarily.

Finally the flint found by Tina last week while detecting the lawn near the house was, photographed so that it could be sent to an expert to examine and possibly date it.

A busy day all round. Well done team!

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