It was another gorgeous hot day at Hillgrove and very warm too. Fortunately two out of three of the Test Pits being excavated were sheltered by some trees.

Ian and Keith, working on T05, had got down to context 005, where they encountered a metal rod 58 cm x 1cm dia in the northwest corner. The function of this rod was hard to determine. Terry suggested they go deeper, so a sondage was agreed on in the northeast corner.

In Murray’s absence, Margaret carried on with T06 down into context 003, encountering some broken green glass in the northwest corner and what looked like moist white clay in the southeast corner. The soil was sun-baked, so the going was very hard.

T07 down the hill, which Sam and Keith opened last week was continued by Roger who, while excavating down to 20cm, happened upon the best find of the day – a portion of pot base from Romano-British period! (yet to be confirmed by experts)

This was exactly the kind of thing we were looking for and undoubtedly the discovery will spur everyone on for weeks to come. So ended a perfect but albeit tiring day, crowned by a yummy donation of strawberries from Terry's garden.

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