Another very hot day (about 26 degrees) at Hillgrove, where our team was all keen to start some new Test-pits that were already strimmed and marked out by Terry in accordance with the field plan. Test-pits 01 & T02 had been closed and back filled last week, so our new ones were Test-pits 05, 06 & 07, slightly out of order because of their locations. Thankfully two of these were in the shade!

We were joined this week by Julie & Murray. Chris also came along for a while, but due to other commitments could not stay all day.

Julie and Ian de-turfed T05, which was rather chocked up with tree roots. They dug down 3 contexts, finding little of interest on the way except numerous pebbles and some broken brown glass in the latter context.

 In T06 Murray, Tina and Margaret (between photographing and written records) dug into similar sandy/clay soil also finding a layer of pebbles, some large, and broken glass in context 02 and Victorian pottery in context 03.

 Sam and Keith in T07 and working in full sun, experienced similar ground conditions. Both grew so uncomfortably hot in the attempt that understandably they left a little earlier than the rest.

Murray was shown round the site by Paul, the landowner. Murray did not seem to think that the stone outcrop on the opposite side of the sunken road to the site was a quarry after all, but more of an attempt to widen the road at some point in the past. Paul later brought one of his 8yr old twins to have a little dig in T06,  and he told us about the arrows he found scattered over the site. He had discovered that, back in the 1980s, archery bows and arrows were being manufactured on the site, presumably a small, domestic industry using some of the local wood. 


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