Wednesday 2nd June 2021

It was a very hot day at Hillgrove where our team was keen to continue with the Test-pits that were already open.

Ian and Keith worked in Testpit 1, located at the higher end of the field near a sunken road, and were fortunate enough to be in the shade of some coppiced trees. By the end of the day this Test-pit was taken down to context 004, a solid base of damp clay that had no more finds in it but more of the burnt charcoaled remains. A large lump of concrete was also found in 003 suggesting that the ground hereabouts had been disturbed within recent decades.  Like Test-pit2 there was also a layer of pebbles and a few bits of pottery and glass, found as a result of sieving. This was then photographed and the sections drawn, ready for back-filling in next week.

Further down the slope T2 was continued by Sam and Roger, who had led the recent Pipe Factory excavations in Worcester. T2 was taken down to 003 where, just like in the other Test-pit, they too hit solid clay. Even so, after Tina’s help with the sieving, they discovered some small finds and amongst them was a scrap of flint that captured everyone’s interest. This will need to be examined in the future by an expert at WAAS for dating.

Terry used the strimmer on the long grass ready for another Test-pit to be opened next week, which was very hot work! Chris and Francesca also popped in this week. The latter told us about all the research she had done so far on the history of the site and its surrounding area, which was of particular interest to the owners of course and added to what they already knew.  

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