We were back out in the field today, and on a new site called Hillgrove. Thankfully the weather, which has been awful this month, was good and the rain kept off. Situated near Holt, it belongs to a friend of Ian Roger’s who has kindly let us to do some test-pitting in what is now his garden but was formerly an orchard. It is located not far from a known Romano-British site that was excavated back in 2020, so the owners are hoping similar evidence might be found here.

The field, triangular in shape and sloping steeply northwards, has a well and several springs dotted around it. The mother of Paul the owner recalled Willow or ‘osier’ rods (withies) used in basket making, being grown by the stream at the lower level, which provided us with a nice piece of social history.

Last week Ian and Keith started Test-pit T01, which is sited on the higher ground, and this week they continued on down with it, recording everything on they way until, in Context 4, they found evidence of burning (charcoal) on the clay. Test-pit T02 was started by Sam and Margaret lower down, finding only evidence of a scattering of stones on Context 3 along with a small amount of coal and charcoal and a thin piece of old Tobacco Pipe.

Meanwhile Terry did a survey of the site to look for other potential test-pits areas, while Tina unearthed some interesting metal finds with her metal detector.

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