On this damp, cloudy but pleasant autumn day the two teams (4 in am and 5 in pm) spent some time just tidying up the site to make it neat and secure.

Tina had brought along her metal detector so she went over the area in front of R05 (the Mill cottage living room). Little excavation had been done here and today she unearthed quite a lot of metal and guttering, which is logical given its location below what would have originally been the edge of the roof. There was also a horseshoe found, a large one and possibly from a carthorse.

Meanwhile other members continued to sieve the spoil heap finding items like bone, glass, leather and metal.

Tony Symonds, the landowner, came by later and chatted to Francesca. As a result he kindly agreed to let us continue in future our metal detecting in the vicinity, but extend it more further afield.  Should be interesting!

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