It was trying to rain when the morning team arrived on site, but it soon cleared up and proved to be a nice sunny day. There were seven of us altogether with others still grabbing a short holiday break while they could before any further lockdown restrictions could be imposed.

Today some of the team sieved more potential spoil heap that's comprised of CBM and mixed with the content of an unknown source from within the site, presumably shifted there in the past. The sieving produced an interesting collection of finds that made the exercise very worthwhile.

Trench 25 was considered complete, although the focus the previous week on extracting a rather long metal rail from among the debris did create a rather odd shaped trench that needed to be tidied up today before it could actually be drawn. In the event this took longer than expected and only the floor plan was actually recorded. Some things can’t be rushed.

Noelle finished off the long section that united the chimney trench on the walkway with its top step and also revealed the guttering and the neat row of mortared tiles of the old pitched roof. She then drew this portion in plan using former drawings to locate it accurately.

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