Wednesday was the driest day in the whole week so those who attended felt lucky to be able to get outside and do some excavating. Some of our members were still grabbing a very welcome late summer holiday, maybe for the first time this year, so numbers were low but manageable within the social distancing rules.

Francesca, Sam and Tina were focussed on T25 cutting through what is either a heap of spoil or simply debris from surrounding buildings bull-dozed up there sometime in the past. Judging by the collection of finds at the end of the day, especially after seiving and metal detecting, it seems likely that this particular section of the heap may not have been examined before. The other reason for this trench was, of course, to examine the floor underneath, this area being where the carts delivering corn would have arrived and manoeuvred round into position for loading and unloading.

Julie and Margaret continued up on the Walkway to clear the area near the gulley and the start of the rear roof, where a good collection of tiles and mortar is still being found in amongst the undergrowth and quite close to their original location.  This is hard going, being a 10 - 20cm deep solid mat of material, but the path is gradually revealing its secrets. 

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