The temperature was over 35c on the Winnall Mill site today with little accompanying breeze to cool the volunteers down. So everyone was grateful for the relative shade of the overhead trees.

As some members were on holiday the numbers were low, but meant that more could stay for the whole session. Chris first helped Margaret to take some more measurements from the datum for the drawings, then he measured the rest of the accessible bricks requested by Murray. Keith continued with the spoil heap trench and was joined later by Ian armed with his new sieve set.

In the afternoon Francesca and Tina joined in with the sieving of soil from this and last week’s session to reveal a mix of finds including some leather. Meanwhile Margaret continued to clear the area on the walkway and uncover more of the gutter with its angled row of mortared tiles backed by bricks forming the start of the roof. Chris hopes to calculate the angle of the whole roof from this.

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