Another day spent in the peaceful setting of Winnall Mill where it was so quiet that we could hear the carp surfacing for air on the nearby pond and a heron fluttering past as we worked.

It was dry, although rain was forecast. Noelle and Margaret returned to the Walkway to complete the section above the Outhouse to reveal more of the drainage and gulley. It was an extension of an earlier trench that showed the mortared roof tiles all neatly lined up at an angle to form the basis for the start of the roof. More gutter parts were also found here amid the tangles of weeds and roots. Since lots of the original red roof tiles were also uncovered in this section, this area has probably not seen the light of day since the roof finally collapsed.

In the afternoon, while Julie finished off in the Cartshed trench, Francesca, Ian and Tina continued working on the LoadingBay trench that cuts through the mound. As promised, Ian had produced a magnificent sieve set that is just the job to sort out this area. Francesca and Tina helped to sieve the soil from this trench and the latter also used her metal detector to find some interesting pieces among it.

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