It was a dull warm day on Wednesday at Winnall Mill, following several days of rain. Even so the ground had dried out sufficiently for the team to be able to work quite comfortably.

The morning group were kept busy with Keith continuing the new trench (T24) where plenty of CBM was to be found. Later Ian and Francesca continued with this in the afternoon also finding smaller artefacts.

Noelle turned her hand to drawing the trench floor plan for T07 in the Cart Shed, deliberately not cleared of all tumble while also revealing some of the stone bedrock floor for recording.  This was later backfilled but only after Julie, who attended the afternoon session, had first explored under the western section of rubble where some smaller finds were uncovered.

Margaret cleared away the undergrowth down to the Privy to measure some bricks for Murray’s research work on the report and she also recorded the distance from there to the Cottage Datum 1. It was interesting that what was assumed to be 23 x 12cm bricks in the floor were today found to be 3cm thick tiles. The original drawing has now been altered to reflect this.

Later Noelle and Margaret recorded the distances back to Datum 1 for the now filled in T21 and for trench T24, which they later drew together.

The piles of broken roof tiles retained from the final stretch of the Walkway (near the top step) were weighed today for a little exercise to determine how many tiles here might have been on that particular section of roof. Unlike elsewhere, these particular tiles should be the original ones that slid down from it. The plan is to find a good sample of a whole tile, weigh it and divide the total weight of the broken tiles by its weight. Should be interesting!



Photos will be added later.

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