Today the weather was uncomfortably “muggy” until the afternoon when it absolutely poured with rain! There was a fair turnout of members spread out over the day, for social distancing purposes of course.

The Cartshed continued to be cleaned up by Julie and Noelle. Already the back wall elevation and plan has been drawn by Margaret and part of the floor, effectively a trench, was started by Noelle too, who has chosen to some drawing training.

Just in case any trenches ever need re-excavating or extending in the future, all the drawings need to be linked to their nearest datum (of which there are 4 dotted around the whole site area thanks to Terry and former member Gareth) so they can more easily be found. So some measuring of the distances from the trenches to the various datums were therefore done to accurately locate them. Next some levels will need to be recorded by Chris with the dumpy.

The second trench near the south wall is now completed and ready to be drawn with the context sheets also completed.

A third trench in this series, lying parallel to the second but much further away, was started in the afternoon by Keith, Ian and Sam to investigate the largenearby heap of soil (some of which may be spoil from previous digs especially the part nearest the Loading bay and the Walkway) and to see if the condition of the lower surface continues to be as smooth for the carts on this relatively hard bed-stone rock. Due to some soil sieving by Francesca and Tina some nice small items were also found including a tiny bead.


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