A cool overcast day made working conditions at Winnall feel very pleasant. A few light showers did not stop work either. Some members took the opportunity for a holiday break this week, so the numbers were slightly down.

Julie continued to excavate and clean up the floor area of the Cart Shed in the morning. Tina joined her later and did some sieving of the fine soil. Her metal detecting efforts found two matching metal window hinges.

Margaret completed drawing the complex wall elevation that’s a mix of sandstone blocks and bricks with a few tiles wedged between them, or as Julie said “a right hotchpotch of materials.” We are of the opinion that, if it was a cart shed, as old maps only show it as an outbuilding, then there were three walls about 1.5m high with a probable a wooden open structure set on top of the four impressively large corner stones to take the weight of the roof.

Keith began to dig another narrow north/south trench on the area lying between the Loading Bay and the Trackway. Unlike the previous trench (T21) this one (T24) had the usual humus layer and sandy soil for the first 2 contexts but then bits of CBM and black soot or charcoal in the soil beneath that. Again the surface of the stone was found to be mainly smooth.  

Up till then, everyone assumed that both of the trenches had sloped stone surfaces because of the way the soil lay on top of it. But when Sam and Margaret drew trench (T21) in the afternoon they were surprised to see the spirit level demonstrate that it was astonishingly flat. This would have made a Victorian carter’s ride fairly smooth on his approach both to and from the mill.

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