A dry day today on site, with a few intermittent showers. It was good to arrive this week and find areas of the site nicely cleared, so thanks to last week’s team, mainly pm. The work todaywas focussed mainly on the Cart Shed wall and the area leading from the Trackway to the Loading Bay (R12).

More cleaning up of the top of the Cart Shed wall (R08) was done by Margaret, Keith and Noelle. This included the removal of lumps of sandstone and bricks that were laying loose on the soil rather than being obviously mortared down to any brick or stone below. They had probably fallen down from above. So our wall looked a lot different then!

Noelle and Margaret then set about measuring and drawing an elevation of the wall (about 3.5meters long), which is a complicated mix of large cut stone and brick.  

 Last week, when Julie had worked on the Cart Shed floor below this wall,  under some tumbled bricks she found a metre long metal strap with square holes which we hoped might be a hinge or at least something relating to the building. Interestingly, while Margaret was going through some previous Field Progress reports she found that within the Cart Shed area, Susan Fraser (a former member) during metal detecting had also found a similar flat piece of metal 1 metre long and with square holes. Terry had sensibly made a little sketch of it at the time, which we also shall with ours.

Further work was done on T21 to extend it a little further. Although a nice smooth area of sandstone bedrock had been found, so far there is not a wheel mark to be seen, which seems strange.


We apologise for the absence of photos due to internet problems. These will be added as soon as possible.

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