It was a very hot & humid sunny day so the team were grateful to be able to work in the shade.

Still split into 2 groups ( am & pm) according to Covid rules, they set about measuring some old bricks, chosen at random over the whole site by Murray for dating purposes. This included the Stable area, the Cottage, the Mill house & Wheelpit, and the Yard Steps which had to be uncovered yet again. 

Ian brought alonghis Strimmer to clear more vegetation on the leat and the Living room (R04)was tidied up so that photos could be taken with a ranging pole of the whole room later by Chris.

 Meanwhile in R03 Liz drew Test pit 1 for the official drawing and refilled it  Then, unsupervised, she drew the back wall of the stable which was extended further in the recent past and looked slightly different from the original drawing.

The Cart Shed wall (R08) had been cleaned up prior to being drawn. But after comparing it to the original drawing, it was decided to excavate a little more of the floor area T07 as the stone & brick wall seemed to go down further than first shown. So Keith & Margaret made trench the whole length of the wall to lower the ground level down to the bedrock. When Julie worked on it later, under some tumbled bricks, she found a metre long metal hinge which might be related to the building.

Tina cleared away more vegetation, while Sam continued on (R12) T21, instead working towards the back wall, to remove the compacted surface covering a nicely smoothed track that he found last week. Encouragingly it continued on. 


PS Apologies to our readers about the lack of photos but we are having a few internet problems. They will be added later.

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