It was good to be back at Winnall after the Covid-19 Lockdown. Rain had been forecast for most of the day, but it stayed dry until 3pm, which was great. To comply with the Government regulations regarding distancing we met in 2 smaller groups, one in the morning (Noelle, Keith Liz & Margaret) and one in the afternoon (Francesca, Sam, Julie & Tina). The morning “shift” started to clear the site of undergrowth with Noelle using her trusty strimmer. (Tina did more in pm). Liz was allocated Testpit in R03 which she completed and recorded on context sheet, also accredited as one of her university Degree tasks. Noelle and Margaret looked for the others Testpits in R04 to measure their exact locations.

Meanwhile Keith (and later Sam) after helping with general clearance, started a new trench in R14 area near the Trackway and south wall looking for cart tracks. The first thing Keith found was the remains of a metal wash tub or baby bath! Later Sam uncovered at one end of the trench an interesting hand cut surface with tool/machine marks visible which will be  investigated further next week. It was an exciting find.

Margaret cleaned the more exposed Cart Shed wall (T08) ready to draw in elevation as only a done on plan so far. Noelle (& Julie pm) continued to excavate the west end of the Walkway T13 and a metal guttering bracket in situ was re-exposed. Work had to stop due to bee’s nest being found later by Julie on the NE side!

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