Today the group got together to do further finds processing that involved weighing, recording and labelling.  

15 1 20 m

Francesca and Margaret had both brought their computers so that, when questions arose about the correct locations or recording of any artefact or group of artefacts, they were able to cross-check them on their systems. With so many artefacts being found on one particular site, we found that a few had escaped being recording earlier, so this is an opportunity to ensure that they too were entered onto the database.

15 1 20 l

 These members were involved in the weighing and recording process, which is also a learning process for some of our newer members who might be less familiar with the different local ware types within the whole potttery assemblage. Meanwhile other members were either reorganising our NWAG display board or continuing with labelling the artefacts.

15 1 20 c

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