Today the team met up to sort the finds from one of our sites so that an expert could go through them and assess them properly. Since some of them will be included in the final archiving, he will need to examine each piece to ascertain exactly what it is, how old it is, whether it's truly representative of the site it came from or, more importantly perhaps, if it has any unique qualities or features.  

Finds trays

Our task was take the already bagged upfinds, labelled according to which dig site they came from the exact location on it (often a trench), and to sort into them into material types. So by the end of the session each of the numerous trays no longer contained a mix of items from a particular area on the site but instead they contained bags of either glass, ceramic, metal, bone, CBM, etc. (still in a bag showing their origin, of course!) 

Finds 3 crates

This activity can onlyreally be done after the finds have been processed (our customary winter activity) by washing. weighing and then recording onto a finds table that will in due course appear in the relevant Report. So, although not all the hundreds of finds will be archived, there will continue to exist on that list a good record of everything that was found which will help to form a picture of the history and function of the site.

Finds Tina

Finds lunch


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