After a week of on/off sunshine and showers, our team of eight were able to return to the Winnall Mill site, which still offers up tantalising new information. Below Francesca is seen working on the walkway, clearing away deposits of debris that over the years has probably fallen down from above.

Continuing work

In the distance Keith, Ian and Chris have been working to expose what might be a wall, as found on an old map during recent research. Below Margaret is gathering up the finds from the adjacent excavation to bag up at the end of the day. In case you are wondering, no that curving thing in the trench is not a snake, but a tree root!

Margaret walkway

Start of the leat

Work by Terry, Sam and Ian in Trench 18, in the leat west of the overflow, revealed a strange second channel at the base. (An expert's advice might need to be sought to help understand this). Note also the tool marks on the bedrock base suggesting that this change might be a later addition.

Fraesh water musels

This photograph shows two of the many fresh water mussels found in the Winnall Mill overflow. The discovery triggered a discussion as to whether the previous occupants were purposely growing them to suppliment their diet. It is well known that mussels were grown in the nearby River Severn, and the lovely clear water flowing down the leat from the springs would certainly have provided an ideal breeding ground for them.

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