As we began our day's excavation in the grounds outside Worcester Cathedral the weather was, to start with, warm and sunny. The original reason for the trench below being dug was because the new toilet block inside the building needed a drainage pipe connected to an existing manhole. The floor inside the College Hall is approx 1.5 metres below the tarmac level so a deep trench was required to connect up to this system, giving the archeologists an excellent opportunity to investigate this outside area at the same time.


northwag at cathedral 2

The trench outside Worcester Cathedral where the team can be seen working.

Whilst Keith, Tina, Ian, Karl and Terry dug down on to a very compacted surface,  Francesca and Julie were inside the College Hall cleaning finds already collected last week from the trench .

Finds washing in the Hall

Julie and Francesca washing finds in the College Hall at Worcester Cathedral.

Working on the Cathedra trench

Keith, Ian and Tina on the job, face with some very compacted building rubble.

Some of the pot sherds

Here is a sample of the pot sherds found by NWAG members today. These included three good-sized rims and a glazed medieval floor tile, not shown above.

By 14:00 hours the heavy rain started again, so we had to finish for the day. We hope to continue on next week.

Many thanks to Vanda Bartoszuk for suggesting the site to NWAG and big thanks to Chris Guy the Cathedrals Archaeologist for inviting NWAG to take part in this excavation.

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