After some recent heavy rain showers, the team of six returned to the Orchard site expecting it to be rather soggy, but as you can see in the photo below it had drained off fairly well. Whilst working their way down the layers of soil, recording their finds every 10cm in accordance with the Test-pitting scheme, those working on this testpit came across a row of old clay land drains. So they decided to investigate this further, hence the extended trench to the south. 


Orchard 012 extention

Trench TP13 extention (TP13A)


Orchard drain

A nice example of a clay field drain.

Quite why this drain was located here is so far unknown (the location was chosen for a testpit because an old map showed evidence of a possible building here). After digging in the lower part of the adjacent field, where several of our earlier testpits hit very wet clay, the higher ground in thisnorthern area appears to be naturally better drained, although the clay content is also quite high at around the 30cm depth in most of the pits. 

Orchard lunch

The team relax in the lovely sunshine for a spot of lunch.

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