A merry band of NWAG members and friends assembled to put up tents and arrange the cakes for the Open Day at Winnall Mill. It was a cool, overcast July day, but apart from a few spots, the rain held off.

53 members of the public with a few well-behaved dogs were greeted at the tents to sign in and receive directions down to the mill via the watercress beds, the small leafed lime and the

dams. Some people had travelled quite a distance to come to the mill, others were very local, from across the river or from just around the corner.

Terry and Francesca were talked off their feet, explaining about the history of the mill, how the wheel pit and the machine room worked and showing the layout of the living accommodation. We also showed the visitors the stable, the cart shed, the privy and the enigmatic cool store, some visitor even ventured along the leat.

The visitors asked us lots of questions, raised points that we couldn’t always answer, and pointed out oddities in the rocks or the bricks.

All in all, it was a very successful day and our visitors were generous in their praise and their money. Jane’s cakes very popular; thank you Jane for all your hard work in baking those great cakes.


Open day 2019 1

 View of remains of house and mill  from walkway above

openday 2019 2

Visitors on Walkway, returning from a walk to the Leat.


open day 2019 3

By the stable, Clare talks to interested visitor.


open day 2019 4

Francesca explains the layout of Winnall Mill to a group of visitors.


Very interesting, pleasant walk through country to remnants of old mill - with good information talk on it. Good weather as well and more than ready for tea and cake(s)

Richard Hammon, Royal Leamington Spa.


Wonderful, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Plenty of help and information.

M Smith, Bewdley.

A very interesting 2nd visit. Many thanks

M E Jeynes.


Great to see all the work that has been done. Great people. Very informative. Special thanks to Jane.

Sue & Steve Southwick (SWAG).


What a great afternoon. Informative with lovely people. Thank you

B White.


Very interesting. These examples of ancient rural industries would be lost forever if it wasn’t for people like yourselves. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan and Catherine Clark.

Many thanks to Francesca for the additional text.


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