Today it was a warm and sticky day on the Orchard site with seven of us present. The Testpit 13 seen below was freshly opened today, close to pit 11(now closed) and pit 12, where an old map indicated a building of some sort stood. Given that the original building may have been of a timber-framed construction, there was little anticipation by the team of finding much material evidence remaining. Even so, the previous nearby pits have provided quite a bit of CBM. Indeed, Testpit 13, where the soil was fairly dark and loose and easy to excavate, soon yielded stones and CBM.   



HO19 tp13 c2 tc

Test Pit 13, down to context 02


By contrast Test Pit12, seen below and positioned on a slope, has been very hard to excavate so far with its compacted soil and clay, which meant that context 02 (20cms down) was not reached until week 3! (We have been admiring the way that a rabbit managed to dig a hole into this soil!) The dousing of water did help on this hot, dry day and at last the pit produced some finds, mostly CMB. Even so, in one corner a  bent metal with "claws" item appeared which Terry and Tina soon identified as part of a mole-trap.

Mr Mole trap This is what the mole trap should look like, but ours was bent up.



m and t

Test Pit 12- work in progress.

Meanwhile Francesca and Terry did a stock-take  and during lunch we discussed our involvement in the forthcoming excavations of the Cripplegate Pipe Factory in Worcester, which will be led by Roger Moore in September.





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