Gazebo up As it looked like being another hot day Terry erected the gazebo for a planning meeting for our Annual Open Day this year at Winnall Mill in July (see our diary of events). 


wednesday 3 july meeting

After the meeting, and while the team (not all represented) were still gathered together, this photo was taken to wish our distinguished member Dr Murray Andrews a very Happy Birthday (that's what the sign says).

test pit 12 c2 3 7 19

Test Pit 12 context 2 with its rabbit hole on the left.

Work was continued on Test Pit 12 by a group of the ladies (not sure what the men were doing!). The soil in this trench had already proved hard going last week, and it continued to be a combination of very compacted soil and a mat of tree roots of varying sizes. Even with the addition of some splashed water it made very little impact. Finally by the end of the day a slightly softer, damper level was reached along with some of the first real finds, but it was still a struggle to attain the targetted second level, 20cms of depth. 


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