The weather today was much better than forecast (thunderstorm and rain expected!). It was a bit humid though for the four of us who turned up. A bit of maintance work was then theorder of the day when Sam and Ian adjusted the hingeopening the gateinto the field, which now works a treat. (Thanks lads.)

Meanwhile Tina continued her metal detecting at the bonfire site before the grass gets its second cut, only finding old hinges and bits of chicken wire. Ian, Sam and Terry trimmed some of surrounding trees in case we had another branch falling incident!

After a coffeee break and a slice of cake we went to Test Pit11 and saw that, considering all the rain we've had recently, it was in quite good order (as seen below).

test pit 011c01

Test Pit 11, context 01


test pit 011 c02

Test Pit 11, context 02

We first cleared a good-sized area around this Test Pit of grass and weeds etc. and Tina was able to metal detect it, finding several hand-made nails. Despite Ian and Terry only having the basic of tools, they then managed to excavate down to context 02 (above). Astonishingly within that10 cm of soil 6 trays of building material were found including stone, bricks, tiles and slate, one piece of glass and two sherds of pottery!

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