Due to heavy rain forecast this week any excavation was cancelled. (As it turned out it wasn't too bad at all!)

Even so two brave souls Liz R and Terry went to the site where they weighed and counted 90% of the finds dug up from the ten test pits.(Thanks to Liz for her assistance.)

Northwag were donated five more chairs and a table, so thanks to TC for collecting and transporting them to the shed.

With no dig photographs being available this week pictures of the mysterious rocks from Test Pit 9 (all found in context 3) have been posted here instead.

HO19 09 001

This lump of conglomerate was found at the very top of HO19/09 context 3. It looks like a possible mixture of broken fragments of brick and tile.


HO19 09 2

This interesting lump, again from Test Pit 3, was found sitting on the bedrock. A local geologist thinks it is possibly Silurian, probably Aymerstrey or the Much Wenlock area and approx 419 to 425 Million years old. Note all the fossils!


HO19 09 3a

Here you can see the third rock, again from context 3. It's a representative sample that was deliberately hammered off the bedrock found in the Test Pit's base and shown the local geologist. He think this is a typical example of Sidmouth Mudstone. Note the number of fossils.


HO19 09 04a

The fourth rock this was found in Test Pit HO-09 just above the bedrock floor. This one mystified even the geologists!

They even considered re-excavating our testpit.




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