We were back to Test Pitting again today after our Easter break. It was a fine day until about 1o'clock when it started to rain lightly. Even so, as the weather the previous week had been unusually hot it baked the clay at the bottom of each pit, as seen below, making it hard to work.

TP2019 05 01 005

Test Pit 04 prior to being back-filled.

Once our findings had been recorded on Context sheets, the next thing to do was back-filled them. 


TP 2019 05 01 005 before fill

Excavation of Test Pit 05 in progress


TP 2019 0501 MD

A selection of finds from Metal Detecting the general area.

After Lunch, and with the promise of Area 1 and 2 having its grass cut, the group moved to Area 3, where the possible house platform is located. As further practice, Sam and Keith measured out and chose their own location for another Test Pit right on the edge of the raise platform. It will be interesting to see if they find anything relating to a domestic dwelling. Meanwhile other members trimmed back the undergrowth to permit easier access to the field.

TP 2019 05 01 008

Test Pit 08 in Area 3 was measured and marked out before deturfing.

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