Ian and Margaret 20 02 20

Due to other committments, only a small number of us met today for finds processing. So those who could make it continued washing, weighing and counting finds from past digs and fieldwalks. Ian and Margaret are seen weighing and recording onto forms the details that Francesca will later enter onto a database. Those details include site and finds location, the context, if it comes from a trench, item type and number and any other notable features. It's a good opportunity to take a closer look at these finds now they are free from dirt, mud or, in some cases, soot. Once piece of pottery that looked totally black with soot, when thoroughly cleaned turned out to be a nice piece of slipware.


coat hanger 1

Everyone was amused when, Tina using her trusty metal detector, first found the obviously homemade coat-hanger shown below on the Shelsey Furnace site. Today coathangers are almost two-a-penny, but not so back in the early 1900s when times were hard. When this artisanneeded something for his wife to hang her Sunday best frock on, he produced this item made of twisted double wire! It was actually quite heavy, but it probably did the trick.

One of our members who gives regular talks also kindly distributes our leaflets, so once Terry has printed off a number, Tina helps to fold them, as seen below.





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