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Lots of discussion about last year's finds, both from field-walking and excavation.


Another indoor finds processing session, again staying indoors out of the cold! But March is just around the corner and soon we will be out and about, once Gareth and Terry have compiled a plan for the year. There's the possibility of lots going on then, so members need to look out for the notifications from Terry.

As the finds from Winnall Mill, our long term dig site, are now all processed and recorded, the above team turned their attention instead to recording finds from elsewhere, getting excited about a small collection of Roman artefacts found during field-walking. (No Samian pottery yet, though!) Then there is always the game of "guess what the object is", especially if it's a piece of corroded metal or some abraded pottery. If in doubt the team has in the past been known to seek the advice of the wonderful expert archaeologists at the Hive.

Before lunch Liz, Jennie and Margaret went through the "best finds" for all the seasons of Winnall to determine which items best represented the mill and its history when they are eventually archived. Due to storage space this is always limited, so the smaller finds are often the best choice.  




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