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Another good turnout of members to help clean, weigh and record the finds. Some of these were the most recently excavated from Winnall Mill Machine Room, the lowest floor of the Mill House, where a good collection of mostly domestic items, were uncovered last season. Having larger storage areas is a great help as it allows for better organisation of the finds that we need to store for quite a while - a requirement of any other archaeology team working on both current and previous projects.  


jennie and lizzie

Today was also another opportunity to look at some other finds, like those from a previous fieldwalk that Liz and Jenny are seen sorting and rebagging below.  It is hoped that some of our new members, of whom there are two currently studying theoretical archaeology, find that handling these artefacts and learning about the context in which they were originally found will help to give them a better understanding of what to look out for during excavation when they eventually do it later in the year, when the digging season starts up again.  




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