Due to the bad weather (it actually snowed that day!) there was no excavating done this week. Instead everyone stayed inside in the warm and processed some of the many finds unearthed this year. For the uninitiated, this involves washing the finds from each tray, already carefully bagged and numbered so that their original source on the site could be traced. Once they are dry, and easier to examine, the items from each bag are weighed and recorded according to their material class (ie cermaics, glass, metal, etc), after which they are then entered onto a database. This helps us to date the site and build up a picture of its past life. Below is a nice example of one recent find from Winnall Mill.


small brown pot tc

Part of a brown pot found on the Machine Room floor at Winnall Mill

Victoria and tc 2018

 Terry talking to Victoria Bryant in front of our own display.

On Saturday 17th November a group of us attended the Worcestershire Archaeology Day at Worcester University. An annual event, this was a series of fascinating lectures given by various professionals, some of whom have recently worked on different sites within the county.  In addition local organisations, associated mainly with archaeology and history, put on a table display to demonstrate what they too have been involved. (ours is seen above)  The common factor between everyone is, of course, the recording and preservation of our county's history.

Winnall Mill BBQ 03

Another photo of our Winnall Mill BBQ to end the 2018 excavation season.


coin on stone tc

One of the mill stones removed from Winnall Mill sees the light of day again.



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