Another day was spent at Winnall Mill, in that lovely autumn setting where hundreds of fallen yellow leaves floated on the nearby pond like a carpet. There was a group of eight members present, three focusing on the rear corner of the Machine Room floor (T002) where lots more finds were discovered among the fallen rubble. Also the eagerly sought sandstone bedrock was finally revealed.

in the corner

Beavering away in the N.West corner of the  Machine Room.


spoil heap

Checking the spoil heap for finds.

New member Ian tried his hand at sieving the spoil heap for overlooked small finds and later had a go at trowelling in the Machine Room.



what a find

What a lovely find! An old clay pipe bowl.

Terry was investigating the strange feature on the west wall which looks as if, for some reason as yet unknown, stone blocks have been used to fill a space between the back wall and the niche.  Later he teamed up with Gareth to take some more levels across the site.

Winnall find of the day

Find of the Month, a tin gunpowder pouch 19th century. Briliant find Ian.

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