Today’s excavation of the rear floor of the Machine Room revealed lots more china, bottle and window glass and animal bones within the rubble. A heavy metal cooking pan was also found. Finally, sitting on the bedrock base was an impressively large circular metal band that has yet to be properly identified. 

Our Chairman MikeField and his wife Jane were on site today too. Mike was interested in the arched feature cut into the stone on the Machine Room back wall, seen in top of photo below, which he thought might have been used to support a wooden beam.

Mike also offered to take away a sample of the large metal sheet found last week beneath the Machine Room brick floor. He feels that it needs closer examination, particularly to determine if it might be a recycled mill part.

Later Terry and Mike went up to Winnall farm to re-examine the mill stones that originally came from Machine Room.


Three ladies trowelling to find the bedrock floor.



A young visitor Cameron gets a taste for archaeology.


Meanwhile Gareth, who was overseeing young Cameron (he came with his sister who's a new member), started taking the various levels of the bedrock base exposed in the Outhouse and Livingroom floors last week along with the the yard area above exposed today. 


Possible last excavation day for NWAGs  2018 season celibration  BBQ

There was a good turn out of members today, plus visitors, for what was considered to be possibly our last day out on site. To celebrate another year’s successful dig, and with the farmer’s permission, we had a barbequed lunch and enjoyed Sam’s wonderfully cooked sausages and burgers.


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