Yet another nice sunny day on site and still pleasantly warm, although everyone wonders how much longer this will last!

Last week's excavations had revealed a purposely blocked up area in the south-west sandstone wall, so this week Terry was determined to investigate the extent of this sandstone base beneath the cottage. He and Gareth lifted a tile in the above Ante Room of the cottage as well as in the Livingroom and, as seen in the photos below, after removing 20cm of mortar, ash and sand, it revealed that it does indeed continue on.


2018 10 24 04 tile b

The Ante Room Floor tile lifted

2018 10 24 05 tile br

The Livingroom floor tile lifted


2018 10 24 03 s wheel

Sam emptying yet another wheelbarrow of excavated soil.

 Sam and Keith continued to remove the heap of soil and debris from Machine Room’s south west corner, assisted by Jennie. The landowner, Tony Symonds, also made a visit today and is kindly  arranging for a digger to come and clear away some more of the soil in mid November.


2018 10 24 02 g in pit

More floor bricks in the Machine Room removed 

 Meanwhile Francesca continued to removed even more bricks in here to leave the large metal sheet clearly visible. 




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