Another lovely Autumn day here on site enabled our team of seven to continue excavating this old mill, set in the tranquil countryside. Continuing on from last week, more of the Machine Room floor bricks (T001)were removed to expose the extent of the metal sheeting underneath, which was installed when the mill was fully functioning to prevent water seepage from below. The whole sheet was around 120cm x 77cm, so quite a significant size, and it was covered with cinders, containing tiny coal fragments, to level surface for the bricks to be laid on top. 


marg floor


Removing some of the brick flooring



metal work

The remaining metal sheet now clearly visible.


Meanwhile at the rear south-west wall (T002) the heap of mixed sandstone and building rubble was gradually being reduced by strong men wearing hard hats and wielding shovels as others wielded trowels. Sadly, no significant finds have appeared yet here, although everyone would dearly love to find bits of old mill machinery. Two small items of interest did surface however. One was what looked like a small metal stylus pointed at each end, the sort possibly used in conjunction with a waxed tablet, and the other was a tiny doll's leg, probably porcelain. The latter either belonged to a doll's house doll, or the baby of a larger doll. 


new wall

The new discovery of a filled-in opening. 

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